Monday, April 21, 2008

Gardening, Gardening, Gardening

I'm so tired of being dirty.

Been out in the yard at least four or five hours a day since last Monday, and just now am approaching completion. Our yard is only about 30 feet by 30 feet (30 by 40 if you count the herb bed) - you wouldn't think there'd be so much to be done, but there is. Whew.

My perennial herbs are finally up, and i was able to harvest enough lavender leaves for the new soap, tentatively named Tea in the Herb Garden. I'm looking forward to experimenting with fresh herbal teas, and especially pleased that the lovage came back - damn gardeners grubbed it up last year without so much as a by-your-leave.

Would love to have another pot of chamomile this year, but the thing about chamomile is that even if a container, you don't just plant it for yourself; you plant it for the neighbors, the next block, the apartments down the street... >.< There's a house a couple of blocks away that still has wild chamomile in their lawn from when i first
planted just a little pot on the back porch - ten years ago. Oops.

Just a couple of things left to do: mulching, one more tomato, some more plants that had to be ordered are on their way and will need homes (coleus, a miniature daylily, and a picotee lilac that i've wanted for years [!]) and the most ambitious project - building a concrete planter for the driveway/front yard.

And now i need a bath. Shouldn't have kept washing and wearing the same short-sleeved dress to do all this, because now i've got a perfect farmer's tan. Doh.

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