Thursday, November 27, 2008



For this Thanksgiving weekend only, November 27th to December 1st, we are offering FREE FIRST-CLASS SHIPPING on all orders being delivered to a US address. You will receive a shipping refund ASAP after your order is placed.

If you need Priority mail or another method, just let us know at the time of your order. Unfortunately, other shipping methods are not free, but they will be discounted!

And let me introduce you to our lovely new soap, Chandana:

Chandana is sandalwood wth bayberry, real sandalwood powder, and honeybush tea. It's smoky and wonderful for both men and women, and i can't think of a person i've ever met who didn't like sandalwood. It's available in our Victorian Sampler, too. Hope you like it!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Holy crizzap! Okay, rather than bore you all with the details, here's the dirty:

- New lower prices! We've been able to decrease our prices across the board because of a sweet deal with a new supplier. Boy, bet you never saw coming. XD

- Lower shipping! Okay, this one was just us working the kinks out of our shipping process. For the US, Canada, and the UK, shipping is down significantly.

Unfortunately, the USPS has raised prices for packages over 5 ounces or so outside of the US, so soaps going elsewhere are more. Sorry about that! You'll still never pay more than what it costs us to mail, though.

- New packaging! We've switched from the pretty, but hard-to-recycle plastic to paper wrapping with a cute green raffia ribbon. We hope to have our labels sorted out by the end of the week, and then we'll be looking pretty spiff.

Victorian Samplers will now come in a lovely green organza bag. We love the Sampler (and so does everyone else, woo) but it's always been our most difficult item to package. Hopefully, this will make the difference! We'll add packaging photos to all the listings soon.

- New shop section! For All Genders contains our gender-neutral and man-friendly scents for easy picking. I really like masculine, or at least non-girly scents, so doubtless there will be plenty in this section in the days to come.

- AND NEW SCENTS. Our take on Sandalwood will be up this weekend, and there's one last, fresh batch of Late Harvest for the snatching. We'll try to keep it in stock through the holiday, but once it's gone, it's gone until next pumpkin season.

And Winter Melody is back! Lots of people told us just how much they loved the chai notes in it, so we've started making this soap with chai tea instead of blackcurrant. We hope you like the changeup!

Okay, that's the nooz. Back to work. xD

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good news!

Due to finding a new supplier, buying in larger quantities, and general streamlining and budget magic, we were actually able to LOWER our shipping prices. Shipping is now only two bucks in the US and $2.25 to Canada, and only .75 per additional item. Awesome.

We're also having a sale on a few items for the holiday weekend! This is the last day of the sale, but Mexican Hot Chocolate and Twilight On The Pacific Coast are currently 30% off, and so is our Victorian Sampler set, which now includes FOUR scents instead of three. The discount expires soon, but the extra bar is a permanent change. :D


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oooh, we're in a Treasury West collection today. Check it out here!

Pumpkin soaps are ready for this weekend. <3 As soon as the listing is written, they'll be going up. I also made a new batch of facial soaps, so those will be restocked as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's soapmaking-and-laundry day, but i can't seem to do anything but sprawl uselessly in the papasan, which i've been doing for at least an hour and a half. We've had a request to restock the facial soap, though, so i should really get on top of that. There are a few bars of Cinnaroll up, at least, and we put up the eu-spearmint bar, now named Refuge. Pictures!

Yeah, still noodling on the woody thing. I'm waiting for a couple more scents to arrive and to take up some of Wendy's suggestions, and we'll see how that goes. Sandalwood component is a clear winner, though, so no worries, that won't be left behind.

The day i receive stuff for the pumpkin soap (should be Tuesday) is the day they're made, so they should be ready just in time. :3 Also really want to do a fig scent to go with it, so should start mucking with that now.

And now that i've yapped sufficiently, and if to have any hope of doll pics today, it's time to clean up a bit and get a move on.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yay! My supplies are FINALLY on their way. :D :D :D!

Turns out that besides having them on backorder, my supplier was also in the process of being transfered to a new owner, which explains why there was no one around to answer my phone calls or emails. But, it's all sorted out now, everything's hunky-dory, and in a few weeks, i get to restock the shop! THANK GOD.

This did teach me a lesson, though: Always have a backup plan. I have another supplier now who's ready and eager to step in should there be another backorder flub-up, and they carry everything i'll need for soy milk soap. Yes, vegan bars soon!

Right now, though, i've got to find my Supah Sekrit Recipe Book. It got tossed somewhere safe during the flood, and while i have most of the recipes memorized by now, there's still a few things in it i need to refer to. Tearing apart the studio commences this weekend.