Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As it turns out, my supplies are on backorder and won't arrive for another three to four weeks. I really love my supplier, but i have to find a local one as backup for situations like this. Would be nice to save shipping once in a while, too. (which is always the killer when you're ordering by the gallon and 50-pound block. o___O)

Well, at least i have plenty of stock that will be finishing their cure times in that window, so the shop will stay piled nice and high. Staggered batches for the win!

It does give me a bit of time to finally look good and hard at where exactly i want to advertise with Project Wonderful. Webcomics or blogs? Mainstream-type, or stick with freaks like us? I'm a bit constrained, as i only have a 125 x 125 banner made up, but there have to be a few nice, friendly sites with a steady flow to call home.

One day, i'll actually be advertising in the newspaper, or - eep - have a catalog. Now there's a terrifying thought. XD

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Plover said...

I've been paying $20 a month to Google AdWords. So far lots of hits, no actual work as far as I know, but I figure it's worthwhile to get the site out there. Also, in terms of rigging up a bunch of banners in a hurry, today I discovered something called BrandDoozie: http://www.branddoozie.com/ . The idea is that you select some fonts and colors and they'll draw up a bunch of matched material that you can then further customize. I haven't played around with it enough to determine whether it's a worthwhile starting point or if it just gives you generic dross, but at least it's free.