Friday, November 21, 2008


Holy crizzap! Okay, rather than bore you all with the details, here's the dirty:

- New lower prices! We've been able to decrease our prices across the board because of a sweet deal with a new supplier. Boy, bet you never saw coming. XD

- Lower shipping! Okay, this one was just us working the kinks out of our shipping process. For the US, Canada, and the UK, shipping is down significantly.

Unfortunately, the USPS has raised prices for packages over 5 ounces or so outside of the US, so soaps going elsewhere are more. Sorry about that! You'll still never pay more than what it costs us to mail, though.

- New packaging! We've switched from the pretty, but hard-to-recycle plastic to paper wrapping with a cute green raffia ribbon. We hope to have our labels sorted out by the end of the week, and then we'll be looking pretty spiff.

Victorian Samplers will now come in a lovely green organza bag. We love the Sampler (and so does everyone else, woo) but it's always been our most difficult item to package. Hopefully, this will make the difference! We'll add packaging photos to all the listings soon.

- New shop section! For All Genders contains our gender-neutral and man-friendly scents for easy picking. I really like masculine, or at least non-girly scents, so doubtless there will be plenty in this section in the days to come.

- AND NEW SCENTS. Our take on Sandalwood will be up this weekend, and there's one last, fresh batch of Late Harvest for the snatching. We'll try to keep it in stock through the holiday, but once it's gone, it's gone until next pumpkin season.

And Winter Melody is back! Lots of people told us just how much they loved the chai notes in it, so we've started making this soap with chai tea instead of blackcurrant. We hope you like the changeup!

Okay, that's the nooz. Back to work. xD

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