Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think i've got to give up on my supplier for now.

I placed an order on May 6th [!], was advised of a back order a week later... and here we are on July 12th with no order, low stock, and most importantly - no communication. I've just sent my third email in two weeks trying to find out what's happening, and if no response, i'll be forced to do a chargeback through my credit card company. They have customer service chat, but no one ever seems to be on, and i've left a couple of voicemails to no avail.

All that being said, i think i've finally found another supplier whose items are up to snuff (one of the reasons i was clinging to this company is that they're one of the very few who meet standard without charging higher-than-retail prices) for almost exactly the same price point. Worst and worse and i have to get a refund, we should be back to up to speed again in no time. :D

And we still have plenty of stock in the teardrop samplers with the exception of Blackcurrant Tea and Tea in the Herb Garden teardrops, so all should be well there for a while yet.

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